What is a Supper Club?

Our club is for foodies and wine lovers and all around adventurous folks!

We invest time in brainstorming sessions each week to create different menu ideas and spins on the classic dishes that we love.

Each menu is one of a kind and there will never be a repeat!  You can attended every supper and no two will ever be alike in food or wine! Our goal is to express our love for food and wine through the menu and create an experience you’ve never had before.

Chef Aaron will walk you through every course and describe all of the flavor profiles. For foodies, this is a dream come true because you can ask the chef ANYTHING (even a recipe if you wish).  The number one question Chef gets asked is simply “how did you do this??”

Who will be there?

Our table seats eight and we fill the seats on a first come first served basis.  Sometimes you will book with friends, other times you will meet new ones! Fret not, the food and wine is a conversation starter on its own! You’re amongst fellow foodies! How can you not have fun?

When do these amazing suppers happen?

Whenever they fit our schedule! Between work and school we are busy people, so we only do dinners when our schedule allows (It takes a full week to create this dinner from linens to food).
We send out invitations via email (make sure to join the email list!) at least a week in advance. Dinners are first come first served, and once the table is full, it’s full!
If you are a first time guest, Chef Aaron will email you once you request a seat(s) with questions about dietary restrictions/allergies. We do hope that you keep an open mind, you may fall in love with a food you otherwise thought was on your “dislike” list.

What’s on the menu?

This is a four course dinner, with wine pairings( or beer or spirits), and a welcome cocktail!
Other than that, we  can’t tell you what to expect!
Each dinner varies in theme and variety! It’s all part of the fun! We do try and keep the menu a surprise to our guests, but if you absolutely must know, you can ask via email once you’ve reserved your seat! We of course work with all dietary restrictions/allergies.

Where is the Supper Club?

The Supper Club is located at our residence in West Little Rock.
We open our own home for fellow foodies!

What should I bring?

A passion for food and wine! We are so excited to create this experience for you!
Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask how a dish was created, or why the wine matches so perfectly with the food.  We love to “geek out” on these subjects!
Money for tips! Just like you were going out to eat anywhere else, you wouldn’t leave without making sure your servers were thanked properly.

What not to bring:

A mindset that you only like certain foods (this dinner is all about new experiences)
A stuffy, business meeting.  The Supper Club is about having fun and enjoying the evening!

Can I schedule a Supper Club in my own home?

Absolutely!  There’s no need to wait on an email. If you already have a group of friends, and a dinning table that needs to be filled we can put a dinner together for you!

Please note that we have the right to take anyone off the email list that does not show respect to our home or other guests.